1 suit Spider Solitaire is the first of this series of card games, which involves cards of only one suit (any of the following: , ♠ , ♣ , ). The game got its name due to the fact that the columns with cards can be associated with the paws of a spider. In the classic version, the following card denominations are involved: milking, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace. At the same time, the youngest of them is considered the "Ace", and the oldest is the "King".

The playing field consists of ten columns, in four of which at the very beginning there are five cards with the back up and one facing the player and in six of which there are four cards with the back up and one with the front side. At the bottom right is a handout deck from which you can take additional cards until they run out.

The goal of the game

The main goal of the One Suit Spider Solitaire game is to add up all possible sequences of cards ordered by face value in descending order from king to ace. For example, ♠K, ♠Q, ♠J, ♠10, ♠9, ♠8, ♠7, ♠6, ♠5, ♠4, ♠3, ♠2, ♠A. Each fully assembled chain is immediately removed from the playing field. The game is considered won as soon as all the cards are removed from the game table.

How to increase the probability of winning?

Let's look at the basic tips that will help you in this:

  1. Try to move all possible cards in the columns at the very beginning of the game, without using additional cards from the deck.
  2. Try to collect the correct decreasing sequences as quickly as possible, as with further moves it will be increasingly difficult to move them to the right places.
  3. Stick to the strategy of evenly revealing closed cards in columns, so as not to create long disordered chains that become difficult to disassemble and require even more additional moves to parse them.
  4. It is not necessary to deal all the cards at once from an additional deck. If you have taken cards from it, then try to perform the maximum possible number of useful moves first and only then use it again.

Benefit of the puzzle

  1. Helps to develop visual memory, stimulates brain thinking and helps to build logical chains of actions, which has a positive effect in the daily affairs of any person.
  2. Develops concentration and teaches patience. A person learns to perform monotonous actions, restraining his emotions, even if something does not work out for him.
  3. It is an excellent means of entertainment, helping to pass the time usefully. The player does not just waste time, but also thinks about his every move, not letting the brain reduce its activity. Many office workers play free 1 suit Spider Solitaire to relieve stress and briefly switch their attention to simpler activities.
  4. The high brain activity required in the game contributes to the improvement of blood circulation of the brain. Therefore, it will be very useful for older people who are not as active in everyday life as younger generations.

Interface elements

  • "New game" is a button for starting a new layout that differs from the current one.
  • "Start over" is a button by clicking on which you can repeat the current batch again from the very beginning.
  • "Cancel move" - cancels one or more previously performed actions on the playing field.
  • "Hint" is a button for getting possible options for moves. When pressed, a visual demonstration of the move occurs.

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