The most difficult variant of the Spider Solitaire series is the game Solitaire Spider 4 suits. The complexity is primarily due to the low convergence of the solitaire game.

The convergence of the solitaire directly depends on the number of suits involved in the game. Therefore, the convergence in Spider Solitaire 1 suit is high enough, so this puzzle is usually recommended for beginners, the convergence in Spider 2 suits card game is already much less, and the convergence in Solitaire Spider 4 suits is even lower. Since the difficulty is quite high, the popularity of this variation is not the highest (see also Scorpion Solitaire card game).

The game involves two full decks of playing cards of 52 pieces. The aim of the game is to put all 104 cards in descending order from the card with the highest rank (King) to the card with the lowest rank (deuce). The sequence ends with the ace, which is placed on top of the deuce. Since there are two decks of cards on the field, there must be eight columns. Thus, the resulting sequences will have the following form: ♠K, ♠Q, ♠J, ..., ♠2, ♠A (example for the suit of spades).

Card layout
Card layout

Rules of Solitaire Spider 4 suits

To understand how to play Spider four suits, you need to get acquainted with the initial arrangement of cards.

In the first 4 columns are laid out 5 closed cards and on top of 1 open card. In the remaining 6 columns 4 closed cards and also on top of 1 open card. Thus, at the start of the game 54 cards are placed on the field. The remaining 50 cards remain in the deck.

Cards and decks are placed on the playing field when the player sees no further moves, clicks on the deck and one open card is placed on top of each stack. It is important to note that the card laid out of the deck can be absolutely any card, so almost ready sequences at such moments are "broken" and it may take several moves to put everything in order.

1 - columns (tableau), 2 - deck (stockpile)
1 - columns (tableau), 2 - deck (stockpile)

Drag and drop is allowed only a part of the ready sequence, that is the cards must be the same suit and arranged in descending order of value, for example ♥9, ♥8, ♥7. If there is a card of a different suit in the sequence or the rank of the card does not comply with the rules, it will not be possible to drag such stacks to the other column. For example 9, 8, 7, ♠6 or ♠6, ♠5, ♠3, ♠2.

Move variants
Move variants
Such a move variant is possible, but the sequence will be disordered
Such a move variant is possible, but the sequence will be disordered

On the vacated empty cells in other columns you can put sequences beginning with the King, or a single card King. That is, the stack ♠K, ♠Q, ♠J can be put on an empty cell, but the stack Q, J, 10 cannot.

The strategy of successful dealing

Tips how to play Spider Solitaire 4 suits are very simple and obvious to most players and even if you follow these tips, there is still a not insignificant chance that the solitaire will not succeed.

Consider the rules and tactics that are preferable to follow when playing Spider 4 suits:

1. It should be possible to strive for the fact that at least one column was empty. This is necessary to ensure that at any time when the player gets a king or sequence beginning with the king (king, queen, jack, etc.) is free, then it was always where to move. After all, there may not be another such opportunity in the future.

2. As noted earlier, the game involves two decks of cards, which means there are two target sequences for each suit. You should try to collect at least one of the two stacks first, rather than collecting two sequences of the same suit in parallel. The faster the sequence is collected, the faster it is out of the game and removed from the playing field.

3. a small sequence consisting of cards of the same suit is much better than a long sequence consisting of cards of different suits. There is a logical explanation for this. Only unfinished sequences of the same suit can be flipped. That is, in the case of a multi-suit sequence, you have to flip cards one at a time to get to the card you want.

4. You should place a new "layer" of cards on the columns (click on the deck) only when you are sure that there are no more moves. If you rush to pick up cards from the deck, you risk missing crucial moves.

Game Interface

On our site you can play Solitaire Spider for free at any time of day and night. You do not need to download and install anything on your computer or phone.

Above the playing field is a menu where the player can access the four main functions. The first two buttons ("New Game" and "Restart") will help you play a new game with a new layout, and start the same game with the same layout.

Control panel of Spider Solitaire 4 suits
Control panel of Spider Solitaire 4 suits

The second two buttons "Undo" and "Hint" help the player directly during the game. You may need to undo your move when you haven't thought your move through enough, or after opening a closed card. For beginners, the Hint feature is useful - a move may not always be obvious.