Online Solitaire Turn Three is a variation of one of the most popular solitaire games "Klondike". The main difference between these solitaire games is how many cards are allowed to be raised from the deck at the same time. While in the classic version it is only one card, in the Classic Solitaire Turn 3 the number of cards a player can open at a time is three cards. This difference adds to the complexity of this solitaire, so its playability is a little less than in the classic Klondike game.

Goal of the game

In addition to the differences between these two card games, there are also similarities. For example, in both cases the player's goal is to collect on four bases four ascending sequences for each suit: diamonds (), winks (♠), hearts (), crosses (♣).  An ascending sequence of cards is a sequence of cards of the same suit arranged in ascending order, starting with the ace, followed by the deuce and ending with the king. Thus, the sequence should look like this: ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king.

The complexity of Solitaire Turn 3 online is low compared to other solitaire games. Usually in order to successfully solve this type of solitaire requires less time and effort than, for example, solitaire "Rainbow". However, as in most other solitaires there can be such initial layouts, when it is impossible to arrange the cards in descending sequence. In addition to the initial layout, the professionalism of the player, systematic approach, thought-out strategy and luck also play an important role.

Game board

The game board of Three Card Solitaire consists of three main parts - one deck (the upper part of the board on the left), four bases (the upper part of the board on the right) and seven stacks of cards (the lower part of the board). Moreover, there is only one card in the first stack and the number of cards increases by one from stack to stack. Thus, in the last stack seven cards, and in total on the game board 28 cards.

Game board for Classic Solitaire Turn 3
The game board of 3 card Solitaire consists of three parts: 1 - deck (stock pile), 2 - columns/stacks (tableau), 3 - foundations (houses)

It is important to note that all cards in the stack are closed and only the top card is open. Closed cards in the stacks add complexity, because without knowing what cards are hidden it is difficult to predict which move is more winning. This is what makes the game interesting and exciting, because the result is impossible to predict.


The game involves only one playing deck of 52 cards from deuce to ace. Therefore, this solitaire can easily be played not only online on our site, but also offline, for example, on long train rides.

As noted earlier, the player must eventually lay out on the bases ascending sequences of cards by suit from ace to king. As soon as the player encounters a suitable card, he can immediately place it on one of the bases. Thus sequences of cards will gradually grow, it is easy to track your progress and proximity to winning.

It should be remembered that when shuffling cards in the stacks are allowed to put cards of different suits on top of each other, it is important only if the difference in their value was one. At the same time, on the bases there is a strict rule - on each base must be a sequence of the same suit. For example, if on one of the stacks you put the ace of crosses, then on this base must be all the other cards of the suit of crosses, other suits should not be on it.

Most of the time the player is engaged in shifting cards from one stack to another. The main rule of Draw 3 Solitaire is that the card on which you want to move another card must be one unit higher in value. At the same time suits must be different in color, i.e. cards of red suit of diamonds () or hearts () can be placed only on cards of black suits of vini (♠) and crosses (♣).

It is allowed to drag not only one card at a time, but whole sequences of cards, the main thing that the face value of each next card was one less than the previous one, and their suits alternated in color. If at least one of these conditions will not be met, then such a sequence will not be able to drag.

There is another important rule, which should not be forgotten when playing Solitaire Turn 3. On an empty stack is allowed to put only kings, any other card can not be placed.

When there are no moves left and there is nowhere to move the cards or it makes no sense, you need to use a deck of cards, where there are 24 cards that have not been dealt. You can open three cards from the deck at a time. And you can only use the cards sequentially, starting from the top one. That is, there is no possibility to draw, for example, the second card at once. By taking the top card from the three open cards and putting it on any column or base, one more card is automatically taken from the deck to the two remaining cards. This card is placed at the bottom of the deck.

Tips and winning strategy

When shuffling cards from stack to stack, you should try to open closed cards as much as possible in order to quickly discover aces and start building upward sequences. The sooner the aces are on the bases, the sooner you can remove interfering cards from the playing field, thus creating the opportunity to open more closed cards.

During the game you should try to move cards from the columns to the bases as quickly as possible. Therefore, as soon as you get an ace, then this is the first step to the fact that successfully spread solitaire. At the same time, sometimes there are cases when it is more profitable to return some card from the base to the stack, so that it turns out to build a sequence and take a card from the three open cards of the deck.

If a column is freed up, you should definitely move the most appropriate king to still have additional open cards and start building a sequence on it.

And the most basic tip is to try to avoid blocking cards. Plan your moves ahead and don't block cards that you may need very soon.

Note that on our site you can play Solitaire Turn 3 online, free and without registration.

Game Interface

As in all other solitaire games on our site in this Draw 3 Solitaire game there are four buttons available above the playing field:

  • "New game" - with it the user can start the game again, with a completely different layout. As noted above, some of the layouts may not be solvable at all.
  • "Restart" - may be required in case the user decides to try the same initial layout. For example, since most of the cards are closed, some of the moves have to be made, hoping for luck. Therefore, some moves may turn out to be fundamentally wrong, but the user learns about it only at the end of the game, when he can open the closed cards.
  • "Undo" - perhaps many people are familiar with the situation when you hurried and made a move, and a second later changed your mind or saw a more suitable move. In such situations this button will be very useful - it will cancel your last move. And you can cancel not only the last move, but the last three moves, so you can try to get to the step where you made a miscalculation and correct the situation.
  • "Hint" - this button may be required for beginners to quickly immerse themselves in the game and understand the rules. This feature will help the player not to miss a move.